Developing Artists As Individuals Since 2000

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Learn To Dance With Confidence!

* Classes are offered by Fall, Winter, Spring "Term" Sessions defined by set weeks.  

It is not a full year commitment, Each Term is a short commitment with limited space.

You Decide which Term you would like to participate in.

*Three Term Sessions per year: Term 1 Fall, Term 2 Winter, Term 3 Spring.

  Spring Recital 

Fees are payable at the start of Each Term.

*Your dancer will explore the Newest Dance Moves, Rhythm and Technique.

*Classes grouped by school grade.

All students must be able to enter the classroom independently.

Parents can view class through viewing windows


*Terms run uninterrupted. Terms are not postponed, put on hold or transferable. 

*Classes run "in person" Classes are not offered in hybrid format. 

*Our classes provide students with an environment where they feel valued, safe, happy and empowered.

*Dancers Develop skills that can help them in other areas of life such as academics and future career paths.

*Dance Teams - No Auditions, No Extra Rehearsals

As a member of the Dance Team you commit to 3 judging events and recital.

Celebrating 23 Years helping young artists discover their potential!

Registration Open!

Spaces fill up Fast

*All Registrations are First Come First Serve 

Registration Process: 

1. Submit Registration Form 

2. Submit Payment

*Remember - Registration is not guaranteed until payment is received*

Term 1 Fall : Sept 8 - Nov 30, 2023 Class Times, Availability & Registration  Learn More

Term 2 Winter : Dec 1, 2023 - March 9, 2024 Class Times, Availability & Registration Learn More

Term 3 Spring : March 18 - June 8, 2024 Class Times, Availability & Registration Learn More

Summer Camp July & August: Registration Learn More


The Edge School of Performing Arts

At The Edge School of Performing Arts in Oakville we have been helping young artists discover their potential since we opened in 2000. We provide the high-energy, creative and encouraging atmosphere that allows children to feel free to express themselves and find the encouragement and support they need to hone their performing talents.

Developing Artists As Individuals

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