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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

SK & Grade 1 Class Options:

40 min Ballet Class 

40 min Jazz Funk Hip Hop Class

*available spots are updated every morning, available spots listed are subject to change*

Dates Class is Offered 

Term 2 Winter: January 3 - March 12, 2022

Ballet Tues 4:40-5:25pm - Spots Avail Registration Opens

 Ballet Sat 9:00-9:40am - Spots Avail Registration Opens

Jazz Funk Hip Hop Tues 5:35-6:15pm - Spots Avail Registration Opens

  Jazz Funk Hip Hop Sat 9:55-10:35am -Spots Avail  Registration Opens

Ballet - What Your Dancer Will Learn

Jazz Funk Hip Hop - What Your Dancer Will Learn

What You Will Need To Purchase:

For Ballet: Pink Ballet Slippers purchased at any dance store. 

For Jazz Funk Hip Hop: Black or Dark Coloured Indoor Sneakers purchased at any store

Recommended outfit for ballet: pink bodysuit and any colour skirt. Purchased at any dance store

Recommended outfit for jazz funk hip hop: Leggings and T-Shirt

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