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Registration and Parent/Guardian Policy

1. Registration must be submitted online.  You can not register in person / text / email / messenger / social media 

2. Administration fee for dancer or per family is due each Session. Administration Fee is non refundable. Administration Fee covers the expense of record keeping, accounting, insurance, legal, office supplies, expense of COVID-19 prevention measures put in place, giveaways, and other administrative costs. đź“§ Enquiries related to programs, registration, policies, events and attendance are answered by The Edge Admin Team remote departments by email only.  The Edge Admin Team remote departments are: Customer Support, Accounting Department and Media Department. Our Team is here to answer your inquiry as quickly as we can. Questions for your instructor are answered during class time only.

3. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Spots are not held Session to Session or Year to Year.  To be a member on the Dance Team is by invite only. For Recreational Programs, Each Session is a New Registration. Dance Team Program is a 36 week commitment, lessons are paid by 3 payments Fall, Winter, Spring. Session is defined by set dates. Registration and Payment covers classes defined by specific dates for each "Session".  Sessions/Registration are not postponed, put on hold or transferable. Early Bird is offered to students in the current Session only.  Early Bird does not apply to new registrants or past registrants.  Early Bird is first come first serve as dancers may switch days or siblings will join other programs. Your spot is not guaranteed during Early Bird dates. To receive Early Bird, Registration Form and Payment is due no later than the date and time stated on the Early Bird Announcement.  After this date and time the forms and invites are programmed to automatically revert to original settings and fees.  

4. Classes and Dance Teams are grouped by school grade not skill level. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) is not responsible if you register for the wrong class and as a result classes are missed. Dancers can not stay down a level or move up a level. Request to be moved a level for carpooling, siblings to be together, to be with friends or cousins, date of birth, skill level or schedule conflict are not excepted.

5. Tuition for dance classes covers classes that are to be taught "in person" and "virtual".  If during the course of the Session we have to switch from "in person" to "virtual/online" your class date and time will remain the same.  You will receive instructions on connecting to your live virtual class/virtual online class.  There is no cancellation option or refund if you decide not to participate in live, virtual/online classes.  Classes are not offered in hybrid format.  Session/Registration/Classes are not put on hold or postposed due to Government Restrictions or Public Heath Restrictions.  The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) has the right to move "in person" lessons to "virtual/online" at anytime during the Session. In the event you would like to cancel you would have to adhere to our cancellation policy. 

6. "Virtual/Online lessons" are accessible by all Phones, Tablet, iPad or Computer. It is your responsibility to connect to your class at the scheduled date and time. There are no refunds or make up classes for missed virtual classes.

7. Each Session is clearly stated on our website, brochure and invoice with the dates.  Class cancellation due to holidays, inclement weather or extenuating circumstances and extra non class times such as practices, rehearsals, studio events/performances, staff at competition, have already been taking into account in determining the Session Fee.

8. Classes are grouped by school grade. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) Reserves the right to refuse and or cancel a students registration and enrolment at any time.

9. Registration is accepted when Registration Form has been received and invoice has been paid.

10. Payment is made in the full amount for each class, there is no option of monthly payment or pay for all Sessions at once.  Recreational Programs, Each Session is a new registration defined by the set dates.  Registration and Payment covers classes defined by the set dates for each Session.

11. No discount on top of discount. Sibling discount is applied to the admin fee.  Sibling discount is applicable exclusively to siblings within the same household, the individuals must be siblings sharing the same parents or legal guardians.  Early Bird Discount expires on expiry date and time. Invoices are automatically reverted to regular price on expiry date and time. Additional class discount is not applicable after Session has commenced. 

Additional classes are discounted as follows:

2nd class receives 5% discount

3rd class receives 10% discount

4th class receives 15% discount 

5th class receives 20% discount

6th class receives 25% discount

7th class receives 25% discount 

12. Request/Inquiry to Register Submission does not secure your spot. 

13. If registration is split between two parties, complete payment and agreement submission from both parties is required for student to be permitted in class. Each party must submit a registration form. 

14. A dancer will not be permitted to take the class if a payment is not received.

15. Students will not participate in the recital until all fees, late charges, damage charges and costume balances are received.

16. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.), assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

17. A minimum of 5 students need to be enrolled in order for a class to run. If classes are unable to run due to insufficient numbers; then you will receive a full refund for lessons minus the Administration Fee that is non refundable. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) reserves the right to change class time after classes commence. 

18. If a dancer drops a class(es) and registers for another class(es) or drops a class(es) only and not register for another class(es), a $40 adjustment fee per dancer is charged as the student is enrolled in an existing class and taking a spot. *There are no requests for dropping/requesting another class from 10 days prior to the start date of the Session.* The adjustment fee covers the cost of readjusting the spot taken on the roster, the cost of readjusting the available spots, processing the change of date for the dancer if applicable, processing the refund, and the cost of a spot taken when there is no guarantee the spot can be replaced. If dropping a class and registering for another class, before dancer is permitted to attend classes, the Request to Adjust Registration form must be submitted and any payments owing must be received. 

Dropping a class and Registering for another class: An invoice for $40 adjustment fee per dancer will be emailed once this form is submitted. If payment owing, payment must be received before student is registered and can participate in new class.
Dropping a class/classes only but not withdrawing from The Edge School of Performing Arts: If Dropping a class/classes only but not registering for another class(es), Please allow 30 days for the refund to display on your credit card statement. Refund will display as Square. $40 adjustment fee per dancer will be applied. There are no requests for dropping a class(es) from 10 days prior to the start date of the Session.

19. There are no full refunds or transfers of fees to other programs/Sessions or siblings of any payments received by The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) including the unused portion of a Session Payment, Admin fee, media fee, summer camp, missed classes, choreography fees, costume fee, competition fees, rehearsal fees, dance gear, other merchandise purchase or if Government/Public Health/School require individual to self isolate/quarantine/vaccinate. 

20. Recreational Programs, If you register within the first month of the Session there is no pro rated fee.  

21. Recreational Programs Fall/Winter/Spring Session: If you register after the first month of the Session, the Session is pro rated at a different amount. Administration fee $40 for individual or $55 for family.

22. Administration fee is applied when adding classes or registering siblings after initial registration payment has been submitted. Classes added after the first month of the Session are pro-rated at a different rate as the program is already in progress, and the dancer is joining mid-session. Administration Fee covers the expense of record keeping, accounting, insurance, legal, office supplies, expense of COVID-19 prevention measures put in place, giveaways, and other administrative costs.  

23. If adding classes after the cut-off date, there is no discount for additional classes. 

24. Tuition will not be adjusted, credited or refunded if the dancer is not able to attend class due to illness, injury or any other circumstances.

25. Processing fees are non refundable.

26. Credits on account expire if not used by specific dates or specific programs outlined in email. 

27. No make up classes, pro-rated fees or refunds for missed classes due to illness or injury. To properly maintain and monitor attendance The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) is not able to permit make up classes for "in person" or "live virtual". Tuition will not be adjusted, credited or refunded if the dancer is not able to attend class due to illness, injury or any other circumstances. 

28. We require all students and parents to wash and disinfect their hands upon entering the studio and after every washroom use.  Dancers are required to use hand sanitizer when exiting studio in order to stop the spread of any germs. If you do not wish to use the hand sanitizers that we provide, parents and dancers will have to use their own hand sanitizer witnessed by our staff member or Director.   

29. Please pick up your dancer promptly after class.

30. All students must be able to enter facility and class independently. Parents are not able to accompany student in class, Parents can view class through viewing windows. Students under the age of seven years must have a designated adult chaperone for drop off and pick up. 

31. No Loitering is permitted in the foyer. 

32. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that we are informed of any change in telephone number, address, contact info in the event of emergency. 

33. Any medical conditions and treatment that apply to your cild should also be indicated on your registration form. Any new medical conditions that are brought to the attention of The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) will be evaluated and assessed to ensure the safety of the dancer and others. 

34. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to read and respond to emails in a timely manner. Parents/Guardians are responsible to pay fees due to lack of communication.

35. Parents are responsible to keep child home with any symptoms of illness (croup, common cold, flu, stomach bug, strep throat, sinusitis, head lice, pink eye, sore throat, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea any contagious symptom/virus) or Covid symptom and must adhere to The Edge School of Performing Arts Sickness / illness / COVID Prevention Measures to avoid the spread to others.

36. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) reserves the right to substitute instructors if and when necessary.  The Director is not the sole instructor.  Instructors, Guest Teachers, Substitute Teachers are highly qualified instructors and may operate your dancers class at different times of the year. 

37. Cell phones, Ipods, and camera's (or any recording devices) are prohibited from bathroom areas.

38. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) will not be held responsible for missing or stolen personal items. 

39. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) Reserves the right to refuse admission of entry if clients are not adhering to our policies put into place due to COVID-19.  

40.  If email response requires further assistance requiring more than two email responses, an email communication fee will apply. 

41. Recreational Recital Costumes approx. cost $70 - $100. Costumes are paid for with your Spring Session registration. Costumes must be paid for before they are ordered. Costumes are Final Sale, No Returns, No Refunds, No Exchange. Costume fees covers costs of outfit, data entry ordering each size, brokerage fees if applicable, exchange rate if applicable, shipping, steaming each costume, manually packaging, labelling each costume, accounting fees for invoice set up, processing payments and financial transaction fees. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) approaches costumes with the best interest of dance families in mind and works hard to find costumes that are available in all sizes, justifiable in price, performance appropriate and wearable after performance. Recital is not mandatory, if you do not want to purchase a costume and not participate in recital, this must be selected on the registration form. 

42. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) will be following the recommended provincial guidelines and protocols to prevent the transmission of infection for COVID-19. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) will do their utmost to ensure the safety of participating families, dancers, and staff at the studio.  Extra time and care will be in place for cleaning and sanitization which may be performed before, during and after hours of operation. Please note there may be times that classes will have to be shortened or start late by 5-10 minutes to allow staff to sanitize accordingly. Tuition fees will not be adjusted if such prevention measures for the spread of COVID-19 take place during your dancer's class time.  

43. There will be times in class when students sit and observe each other demonstrating movement or routines. Observing can consist of watching for execution, spacing, dynamics, precision, accuracy and performance delivery. Observing dance encourages children to think and evaluate movement content, qualities and the mood created by the dancers.  Whether abstract or narrative observing dance performances enrich children’s reflective learning capabilities. There are no refunds for times when dancers are observing. 

44. The Edge Admin Team was developed to ensure that tasks are handled promptly and accurately, allowing Instructors and Artistic Director to focus on their core function.  The Edge Administrative Team is responsible for setting and implementing company policies. This team comprises individuals with extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields, who work diligently to ensure that our policies align with our company values, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. It's important to note that our administrative team ultimately makes decisions regarding policy adjustments or changes. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and strive to create policies that promote fairness, transparency, and overall satisfaction. The Edge Admin Team remote departments are: Customer Support, Accounting Department, Media Department and Health & Safety. The Edge "in person" Staff at our facility consists of: Instructor, Front Desk & Disinfectant Commercial Cleaner. 

45. I
nstructors and Artistic Director are available in person only before or after class, to provide progress updates with parents/guardians. Instructor and Artistic Director have no access to emails. Their core focus is to teach various dance styles to students, develop curriculum, skill assessment & feedback, providing opportunities for growth and mentorship for Edge dancers and fostering a vibrant Edge community.

A staff member is present at our front desk.  Front Desk Staff is responsible for sanitizing and managing Entrance and Exits. 

47. Parents can wait in the waiting room or drop off and pick up.  Parents can view class through viewing windows inside or outside. 

48. Outdoor shoes are be taken off at the main entrance and placed on the dancers designated tray.

49. Hair is to be secured back in a neat ponytail. Hair to be secured back to avoid brushing and restyling.  Hair in a bun for ballet classes.

50. Only dance shoes and water bottle is brought to class sessions. Arrive in dance attire.  Personal belongings brought to camp should be minimized. Items brought to camp (e.g., backpack, water bottles, food, etc.) should be labeled and kept on the camper/dancers designated tray.

51. Campers bringing food/snack must be Peanut Free and all items labeled.

Dance Classes: No food/snack between classes. Food should be eaten at home, outside or in the car.

52. Trial Class/Drop In class: There are several reasons behind our decision not to offer trial class/drop-in lessons.  Firstly, from a logistical standpoint, our programs are structured to build upon previous lessons, making it challenging for a trial/drop-in participant to seamlessly integrate after missing foundational sessions. Moreover, there are important insurance and legal considerations that come into play.  By participating in our programs, individuals are covered by our insurance policies, which are tailored to the specific duration and structure of the registration program. Offering trial/drop-in lessons could potentially expose both participants and our organization to unnecessary risks and liabilities. We are happy to provide you with a short clip of the program to help give you and your dancer a sense of the class experience.

*Registration and Parent/Guardian Policy is Subject to Change at the discretion of The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.)