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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Recital Ticket and Participation Policy

1. Dancers must arrive a half hour before the show commences

2. No videotaping the performance on cell phone, iPad, or any other screen device and no flash photography. This is for safety reasons and to prevent injury, also to allow fellow audience members to see their dancer on stage and not through the screen of a device in front of them. 

3. Everyone entering the theatre requires a ticket. Parents/Guardians are not permitted in the stage area.Children 3 and under do not need to purchase a ticket if sitting on parents lap.  

4. Seating is First Come First Serve. Recital tickets are valid for the day of the performance on the ticket only. Tickets are final sale, No Refunds, No Exchange, No Credit. 

5. Between first two week (set dates) each family can purchase up to 4 tickets per show to start.  After set date, additional tickets can be purchased. Online ticket order ends on a specific date and time outlined on Recital Ticket Order Form and email, after this date and time, if tickets are still available they can be purchased at the door on the day of the event. 

6. Parents/Guardians who have purchased a ticket for that show will be allowed to enter the auditorium 15 minutes prior to show time. 

Immediately after your dancer performs, parent/guardian are to leave their seat temporarily and greet your dancer to congratulate them 🤗 🎉 💐 ❤️ 

 Proceed to sign your dancer out.  

7. Recital Tickets covers the expense of the beautiful auditorium rental with comfortable seating, Lobby, Change room, backstage hallway, backdrop, lightning, custodial fees, sound and Light technicians, insurance, ticket/program printing, video recording, uploading, record keeping, accounting, insurance and other administrative costs. 

8. Ticket Order Process:

Step 1: Submit Ticket Order Form

Step 2: The Edge Admin Team will send invoice

Step 3: Submit payment to finalize ticket.

Tickets are not guaranteed until payment is received. 

9. Tickets must be presented before entry to theatre as The Edge School of Performing Arts has to keep capacity count due to fire safety regulations.  *If Tickets are forgotten at home and the ticket holder is not able to go home to get tickets, the ticket holder will have to leave credit card information for the number of tickets before entry into theatre. If tickets are not returned within 7 days in person the credit card will be charged for number of entry tickets.  If ticket holder returns the tickets in person their credit card will not be charged.  Photo of tickets on phone is not valid. 

10.  If parent/guardian doesn't purchase a ticket for at least one day and dancer wants to perform, the dancer will pay a participation fee. 

11. Should a dancer not be able to perform at Recital due to illness or injury prior to the event, and a doctor's note is provided, a credit of 65% will be honoured.

12. Recital Costume Details: (13. a) To participate in the recital, a costume purchased through The Edge School of Performing Arts must be purchased. Costumes play an integral role in our performance, not only enhancing the visual appeal but also ensuring uniformity and coherence on stage. It is imperative that all participants adhere to the specified costume guidelines to maintain the integrity of our routine. Consistency in attire not only presents a professional image but also contributes to the overall aesthetic quality of our performance. Dancer cannot wear their own outfit. 

(13. b) Costumes are paid for at the same time as your Spring Session Registration Fees. Costumes must be paid for before they are ordered. Costumes are Final Sale, No Returns, No Refunds, No Exchange. Recital is not mandatory, if you do not want to purchase a costume and not participate in recital, this must be selected below..  

(13. c) Costume fee cover costs of the outfit which is custom designed and made to order, data entry for ordering each size, shipping, steaming each costume, manually packaging, labelling each costume, processing fee for accounting fees, processing payments and financial transaction fees, driving to parcel service depot to pick up package ensuring item is not stolen or damaged by weather, digital class photo, processing digital photo and creating a link for everyone to download class photos. 

(13. d) The Edge School of Performing Arts has selected costumes that are worn for Stage,used for class Spring Session (yes, your dancer can wear their costume to class once they receive it and get use out of it, the same as wearing a soccer uniform to practice) and reuse it for physical activity, future dance/gymnastic classes or regular wear. Costume preview is provided on Spring Registration Form. 

(13. e) The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) approaches costumes with the best interest of dance families in mind and works hard to find costumes that are available in all sizes, justifiable in price, performance appropriate and wearable after performance. 

(13. f) Students measurements will be taken during class time.  Costumes fitting will be done during class time before costumes are sent home. After costume is taken home it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to make sure the outfit remains in good condition for the performance date. The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) is not responsible for replacing sequence falling off, accessories or items that are lost, fabric that becomes torn, stained or any other damage to outfit.  

*Recital Ticket Policy and Participation Policy is Subject to Change at the discretion of The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.)