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Dance Team Code of Conduct


The purpose of The Edge Dance Teams is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an activity and develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness. As a member of the Dance Team you represent our dance program; and your conduct and actions in the classroom, on the dance floor, and attending dance related events should not deviate from the regulations and code of conduct set forth in our Code of Conduct. Team members must show determination, dedication, and desire to be a productive member of this team.



We expect our dancers to uphold age appropriate and respectful behaviour at all times. If your actions are not deemed appropriate and respectful and do not coincide with this organization’s guidelines you will be denied participation on this Dance Team.


One verbal warning will be given for any unruly behaviour in practice. This includes talking on stage, non-participation or any behaviour disruptive to the team. A written agreement will be given for a second warning. A dancer will be asked to leave practice in lieu of any additional warnings. No cell phones during practice, rehearsal or before going on stage.
When dancer is going to mark movement is must be verbalized to instructor in order for the instructor to know why the dancer is marking movement. 


There is a level of commitment required to be a part of the Dance Team. You must have a desired level of commitment not just for yourself, but for your ENTIRE team. Being on this team you depend on all of your other team mates to be at practice consistently and do their part in having the knowledge of their routine. If at anytime you are not doing your part as a productive member of this team you will be first given a warning, second written agreement, if situation is not resolved you may be suspended from the Dance Team. Example – Correcting team mates, arguing about counts, arguing who went faster, making negative comments about other dancers or making comments on who will win solo/duet/trio/ sm grp category ……..

Use Time Management Techniques for studying and homework!


We expect everyone representing our teams to be positive and uplifting. If you do have a problem the Director needs to know in order to help resolve the situation.


Dance wear is required at ALL practices. Appropriate dance wear for jazz, lyrical, tap and technique. Hair in a bun bodysuit and tights for ballet. If proper attire is not worn you will be sat out of practice! Uniforms/Costumes must be kept clean and in good condition. This is a team so we need to look like a uniformed team.


Parents are not permitted to conduct or organize their own rehearsals of group routines before or during competitions. 
On your competition/performance schedule there will be a rehearsal time listed. 
Dancers must be at the competition/performance by the REHEARSAL TIME!

Dancers must arrive dressed in full uniform, hair and makeup complete specified by the Director and ready to perform. If the Dancer fails to show up to competition/performance ready at the rehearsal time, the dancer WILL NOT PERFORM. If traffic is a factor The Edge School of Performing Arts representative will ask the competition director if that dancer will be permitted to perform.

Dancers must maintain an average mark of 87 or higher in your competitive season to be eligible for a solo the following year


Take photos and post photos with consent from the person/people you are including in your photo.  Photos can be posted on your social media with persons consent.


It is forbidden that any individual, corporation or organization to any way copy or use the photographs from the website for any purpose without the consent and written permission of The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) 

The Edge School of Performing Arts (The Edge Performing Arts Inc.) does not authorize to have videos of their routines (groups/duet/trio/solos) posted on social media. Videos are for personal use only. Written permission from the choreographer and other participants is required to release the routine. If permission is granted, a maximum of 40 seconds may be posted giving credentials to the choreographer and The Edge School of Performing Arts.

Be Kind, Be Supportive, Do Your Best and Shine!