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Below are links to Crafts and Online Dance Classes

  1. You must get permission from your parents to use these sites. It is very important to warm-up properly and to dress in dance wear,  just like you do at the studio.  Never force, strain or push too hard in any exercise or lesson.  Be sure you have enough room to perform your movements safely.  For tap lessons, ask your parents for a piece of plywood/cardboard so that you will not damage the floors in your home. Check back every week for new videos!
  2. Give yourself enough space to move and make sure you stay hydrated.
  3. #KeepDancing!

Online Ballet Classes

Kathryn Morgan

Easy Ballet Barre -

Easy Ballet Centre -


Int/Adv Barre -

Int/Adv Centre -

Online Hip Hop Classes

Matt Steffanina

Online Contemporary Classes

Italia Conti Virtual

Tuesday Spell: Your Name

Thursday Spell: The Edge School