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Hours of Operation:

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COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Prevention measures in place at The Edge School of Performing Arts to stop the spread of COVID-19

The Edge School of Performing Arts has purchased and will be using Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayer and hospital grade disinfectant that is VOC Free, Fragrance Free, Hypo Allergenic, Non-Irritating to Skin.  The safety of our dancers, families and staff are most important.  See how it works here 

Closure of viewing area in waiting room

To reduce traffic in and out of the building and overall head count inside the facility.  Parents are not able to view class through the viewing window in the waiting room at this time. 

Smaller Class Size

Camp sizes and training clinics will be limited (max 9 dancers) to ensure dancers have more space between them in alignment with social distancing recommendation.

The number of dancers permitted into the studio at one time will be based on the capacity limits mandated by the Government of Ontario. These limits are calculated based on maintaining the required physical distancing for member safety.

Sanitation Practice

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures in place between class.

Campers/Dancers must use hand sanitizer before entering the studio room.  You may use your own but it must be visible to staff member.

Floor Markings

As young children may struggle to keep distance between them, the studio floors will be marked accordingly to ensure dancers stay in their space.

Professional deep cleaning and sanitize products are used for the entire facility  before / after operating hours.

Arrival Time & Pick Up

Dancers are to be dropped off at the back door that faces Dale Ridge Dr.

For the younger dancer (age 7 years and under)  a parent can accompany them, a staff member will meet them at the studio back door for drop off. Please arrive on time, ideally 10 minutes before the camp / training class starts.  Upon entry staff will screen dancers for any symptoms.  Parents are asked not to enter the building. 

Students will exit through the front entrance.  A staff member will walk them to the front parking lot where you can pick up your dancer.

Professional deep cleaning and sanitize products used for the entire facility  before / after operating hours.

Outdoor Shoes

Outdoor shoes are be taken off at the main entrance and placed on the campers/dancers designated tray for shoes and water bottle.


Personal belongings brought to camp or training session should be minimized. If brought to camp, personal items (e.g., backpack, water bottles, food, etc.) should be labeled and kept on the camper/dancers designated tray.

Hair and Attire

Hair is to be secured back in a neat ponytail. Hair to be secured back to avoid brushing and restyling.

Dancers are to remain in the same outfit. 

Change Room

Change Room is off limits at this time.  All dancers are to arrive in dance attire. 

Hygiene Practices

Dancers are encouraged to practice the following:

  • Wash/sanitize hands before arrival, sanitize when entering the building, before entering the studio room, in between classes and after using washroom.
  • Cough into elbows instead of hands
  • Dispose of any tissues immediately


Campers brining food/snack must be Peanut Free 

Training Clinics/Dance Classes: A water bottle only is permitted and to remain on the dancers designated tray.  Food should be eaten at home, outside or in the car.

Face Masks & Gloves

The use of face masks and gloves is optional. 

Dancers may have difficulty breathing while exercising and feel dizzy if they wear masks.  Masks and gloves will also increase fidgeting and touching on the face, and increase sweating. 

It will be up to each dance family’s discretion whether or not their dancer wear a mask and gloves. 

It will be up to the staff’s discretion whether or not they wear a mask and gloves. 

We are closely following the guidelines from SickKids and the Ontario Ministry of Health.


Dancers that are sick are to remain at home for 10 days.  If symptoms cease after 48 hours, dancers may return upon providing a doctors note stating the dancer is no longer contagious (ie. Food, sensitivity, allergies).  Dancers and staff must not enter the studio if they are feeling unwell and have the following symptoms:

  • Runny nose / congestion /cold
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Prevention measures align with the safety guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health for the COVID -19 - Summer Day Camps Protocols: