12:00pm High School Musical

12:45pm Pirates

12:48pm Ain't No Other Man

12:51pm Blue Lips

12:54pm Beauty and The Beast

12:57pm Interstellar

1:00pm Story of My Life

1:03pm Circus

1:06pm Cellophane

1:09pm Beautiful Birds

1:12pm Body Love

1:15pm Break

1:18pm El Tango

1:21pm Gravity

1:24pm Howlin For You

1:27pm I Need Your Love

1:28pm Mamma Knows Best

1:30pm I Was Here

1:33pm Perfect

1:36pm Shape Of You

1:39pm We Own This

1:42pm I Hope You Dance

1:45pm Poetry

1:48pm Hallelujah

1:51pm She Use To Be Mine

1:54pm Waves

1:56pm Grace

1:57pm Burnin Up

2:00pm Believer

2:03 Next To You

2:06pm The Scientist

2:09pm Sort Of

2:12pm Got It

2:15pm World War II

Sr Dress Rehearsal Sun Feb 25th

2:18pm Skyfall

2:21pm Another Day

2:24pm Ninjas

2:27pm 5AM

2:30pm Wake Up

2:33pm It Don't Mean A Thing

2:36pm My Love

2:39pm Way Down We Go

2:41pm I Will

2:44pm Remedy

2:47pm Fool Me Once

2:50pm The Light That Never Fails

2:53pm OMG

2:56pm Dream

2:59pm Rise

3:03pm One More Light

3:06pm What You Need