10:21am Egyptian Princess

10:24am Walk This Way

10:27am Fabulous

10:30am Me Too

10:33am Tribe

10:36am Honey I'm Good

10:39am The Climb

10:42am This is For My Girls

10:45am Stand By Me

10:48am Lucky

10:51am Castle

10:54am Singing In The Rain

10:57am Surfs Up

11:00am Play That Sax

11:02am Hope

11:05am Lost Boy

9:33am A Lovely Night

9:35am We Go Together

9:37am A Different Beat

9:39am A Sky Full of Stars

9:42am I'll Be Good

9:45am The Beginning

9:48am Thumblina

9:51am Alive

9:54am Bad Influence

9:57am Dance of the Swan

10:00am Brave

10:03am I'm A Lady

10:06am I Really Don't Care

10:09am Slumber Party

10:12am Misty Mountain

10:15am Technocolour Beat

10:18am Feeling Good

Jr/Int Dress Rehearsal Sun Feb 25th

11:49am Oh My God

11:56am Jealous

11:58am Say Something

12:00pm High School Musical

11:08am You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

11:11am Run The World

11:14am Bugle Boy

11:17am Surrender

11:20am Too Good At Goodbyes

11:23am Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

11:26am Safe

11:29am I'll Keep You Safe

11:32pm Somewhere Only We Know

11:35am Do You Hear The People

11:37am You're Welcome

11:39am Soldiers

11:42am Poor Unfortuante Souls

11:45am Hold On

11:47am Pink Panther

11:50am Praying